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Industry Turnover Index decreased 8.0% - June 2019
08 August 2019
Industry Turnover Index decreased 8.0%
June 2019

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Statistical Yearbook of Portugal - 2018
The Statistical Yearbook of Portugal (SYB 2018) presents an overall review intended to provide an all-encompassing view of the country, in terms of social, economic and demographic features in 2018. This 110th edition keeps the structure of 28 sub-chapters grouped into four major themes: Territory, ...

Issue year: 2019

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Industrial Production Statistics - 2017
This publication presents the main findings of the Annual Survey on Industrial Production (Prodcom Survey) for the year 2017. The description of industrial production was based on harmonized methodologies and lists of products compliant with the European Union, according to the Council Regulation ...

Issue year: 2018