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The Gender Dossier includes official statistical indicators that make it possible to present, contextualise and help monitor the evolution of inequalities between women and men in Portugal.

The indicators are organised according to themes, components and sub-components, which seek to reflect the different spheres of life of women and men in the family, the economy and society.

The data presented in this dossier covers various information sources, themes, and statistical areas that intersect with multiple areas of public policy.

In terms of content, the selection of sex-disaggregated indicators in the different statistical domains followed concerns determined by sex and/or gender differences according to the criteria described below:

  • - Areas where there are differences, inequalities and similarities between women and men.
  • - Areas, where women and men may not benefit from equal opportunities or their lives, may be affected differently.
  • - Identifying population groups where inequality between women and men is present or more pronounced due to specific characteristics, recognising that the differences between the two intersect with or are even accentuated by other sociodemographic factors.

This dossier is part of the National Strategy for Equality and Non-Discrimination 2018-2030, and is one of the actions of the National Statistical System on Gender Equality project, of which INE is the promoter, funded by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area (EEA Grants 2014-2021), under the Gender Equality and Reconciliation Programme.

1 - Population and Demography

This theme provides indicators of recent demographic transitions, changes in birth rates, fertility, mortality, and population growth. It also presents indicators of social changes in family size and composition, behaviour, and reproductive health.

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Enables access to reference documents for territorial statistics in the fields of spatial planning and regional development, within both the national and international scope, produced by Statistics Portugal or other entities.   Reference documents  The module links of interest presents hyperlinks of national and international reference organizations for territorial statistics.   Links of interest