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This page is dedicated to “StatsLab –Statistics in development”.
The statistics published in this page have two characteristics: i) they are part of projects aiming at creating new statistical products which are still under development and, yet, ii) they already contain useful information for economic and social analysis.
The increasing possibility of access by Statistics Portugal to administrative sources, through the Simplex+ program, such as to the reporting of the Monthly Remuneration for Social Security by company, and non-conventional sources, namely obtained from private entities, raise new challenges to Statistics Portugal public service mission. In particular, it is important that the information from these sources have an impact in new and relevant statistics for the lives of citizens and businesses and for public policy makers.
Thus, in order to take advantage of these sources, and using recently developed techniques of statistical treatment of large volume of data, new statistical products will be presented in this page, before acquiring their final format.
In addition, new forms of presentation of information and results derived from statistics already published will be tested, using new analytical tools.
Statistics Portugal welcomes all the suggestions and criticisms that can contribute to improve this project: Statistics in development. Please contact us by email:

Income Statistics at local level – reported income on Personal Income Tax (IRS) indicators
Statistics Portugal (SP) starts the dissemination of “Income Statistics at local level” based on anonymized fiscal data from the Tax and Customs Authority (AT) related to the Settlement note of Personal Income Tax (IRS – Modelo 3), obtained under an agreement between AT and SP.
In 2017, the median value of gross reported income less personal income tax paid was 8 687 € in Portugal. Median values of gross reported income less personal income tax paid by taxable person were higher than the national reference in 64 municipalities. The Gini coefficient, indicator frequently used to synthesise the income inequality, was higher than the national reference for 34 municipalities.

Gross monthly earnings per employee (Social Security – Data analysed by Statistics Portugal)
Based on the data from the Monthly Statement of Earnings (DMR – Declaração Mensal de Remunerações) sent by enterprises to the Social Security, Statistics Portugal starts the quarterly release of statistics on gross earnings. This information concerns about 396 thousand enterprises and around 3.6 million employees. In the future, Statistics Portugal aims to complement this information with data from other social protection systems. In 2018, the gross monthly earnings per employee increased by 2.9% from 2017 and stood at €1,142. According to the 1st quarter of 2019 provisional results, there was a year-on-year change of 2.5%.