Official Portal - Statistics Portugal
Statistical Activity
The activity of Statistics Portugal is duly framed by the strategies of the National Statistical System (General Guidelines of National Statistical Activity 2018-2022) and of the European Statistical System (European Statistical Program up to 2020), which give special emphasis to technological innovations applied to the statistical production process in their different phases, as well as privileging access to new data sources, namely those of an administrative nature.
The activity of the Entities to which statistics Portugal has delegated statistical functions, as far as the delegated production of statistics is concerned, is aligned with the same framework documents and is an integral part of Statistics Portugal Annual Work Programme, within the scope of its Coordination function.
The current statistical operations carried out by Statistics Portugal representing the various statistical domains fulfil reporting obligations and methodological requirements established by European and national statistical legislation.
Access to administrative data is carried out in a number of areas, in a constant pursuit of minimizing the burden of data collection operations on enterprises and citizens, with a significant impact on reducing the statistical burden, as well as the possibility of making available to Society new statistical indicators, more relevant and appropriate to the needs of users when making decisions. With this purpose in mind, Statistics Portugal articulates with both Public Administration entities and private entities.