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Statistics Portugal acknowledges the crucial relevance of cooperation of data providers – organisations and citizens – and endeavours to provide, at every moment, the solutions intended to minimise the effort required, as well as the whole support necessary for the reply.
Online responses
It is possible to respond to a large number of Statistics Portugal's surveys online, namely by using the services available on the website.
Among these services, it is worth mentioning WebInq, which:
        -   allows for easier completion of questionnaires;
        -   immediately corrects completion errors, thus precluding future contacts by Statistics Portugal for possible               correction or clarification;
        -   speeds up and simplifies responses.
"TAD -Automated data collection process"
The Automated Data Collection Process (TAD) service, that is included in the WebInq system, has been made available. This service allows send your surveys reports directly from a XML file format directly from your own computer applications. In this first wave, only a limited number of surveys accept this method of response.
In order to support the integration of the service for existing computer applications in each company, Statistics Portugal provides the following website: where you will find:
  • Supporting documentation on this service;
  • Information on how to build the XML file for each survey;
  • Ability to validate generated XML files;
  • Get clarification on doubts that exist in the integration of this service by consulting the answers to frequently asked questions or make a specific request for help.
Automatic transfer of administrative data
The use of data resulting from administrative procedures is a major reason for concern among official statistics producers. The so-called “Simplified Business Information” was set up in Portugal, and translates into the reporting by enterprises, at a single moment in time and in electronic format, of a wide variety of annual information, that is relevant for statistical and tax purposes and for accountability. For enterprises, “the Simplified Business Information” represents a significant cut in costs associated with compliance with legal obligations.
Respondent manager
The respondent manager service is mainly designed for large enterprises that, on account of their size and characteristics, are systematically involved in a high number of Statistics Portugal’s surveys.
Statistics Portugal has a personalised contact service provided by qualified staff, acting as single interlocutor of enterprises (as data providers) in their relationship with Statistics Portugal.
The main objectives of this service are to:
- strengthen the relationship between Statistics Portugal and enterprises, to minimise the statistical effort to which they are subject;
- build bilateral liaisons to meet data collection requirements and seek solutions for difficulties reported by enterprises;
- ease supports and reduce the time needed to complete questionnaires;
- reinforce consistency of data provided, with a corresponding increment in the quality of information to be released.
Support services
By telephone
  • Support services to assist organisations in their responses, geared towards clearing doubts in the completion of questionnaires addressed to them via the relevant contacts indicated in the correspondence sent by Statistics Portugal;
  • Support services to assist citizens interviewed by Statistics Portugal, through the contacts indicated in a letter previously sent by Statistics Portugal.
Where warranted by the complexity of the situation, Statistics Portugal’s staff may visit organisations, in order to assist in responses.
Qualified staff will always be available at the premises of Statistics Portugal to provide the necessary clarification.