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Regional Accounts 2009 and 2010 Preliminary
Regional accounts
Regional Accounts 2009 and 2010 Preliminary - 2009
16 December 2011


In 2010, the GDP registered a nominal growth of 2.4% and real growth of 1.4%. It is estimated that the nominal regional GDP has grown above the national average in the Norte (2.8%) and Centro (2.5%). For all other regions GDP grew less than the average: Lisbon (2.2%), Alentejo and the Autonomous Region of Azores (2.1%), Algarve (1.9%) and Autonomous Region of Madeira (1.7%). In real terms, the evolution of regional economic activity was even more heterogeneous, varying between a growth of 1.8% in the region of Lisbon and the nil variation in Algarve.

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