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Questionnaires used in the RA09 and the respective Instructions Manual (only in PT)

Pilot Survey

Mainland:                                        Questionnaire

Autonomous Region of Açores:         Questionnaire

Autonomous Region of Madeira:       Questionnaire

All regions:                                      Instructions Manual

Actual operation

Mainland:         Questionnaire
                        Instructions Manual

Autonomous Region of Açores:        Questionnaire
                                                     Instructions Manual

Autonomous Region of Madeira:      Questionnaire
                                                     Instructions Manual

Brief history of Agricultural Censuses

Early references to the existence of censuses of agriculture (“cultivated farms”) worldwide date back as far as thousands of years before Christ in ancient China.

In modern times the first reference to an exhaustive, systematic and organised “listing” of statistical data on the Portuguese agriculture is the “General inventory of livestock and poultry”, dating back to 1934. This inventory was repeated in 1940 and 1972.

In the course of this period, the following operations were conducted:

  • In 1940 the “General inventory of livestock and poultry”;
  • In 1952-54 the “Mainland farm survey”;
  • In 1965 the Census to agricultural holdings in adjacent islands;
  • In 1968 the “Mainland farm survey”;
  • In 1972 the “General inventory of livestock: mainland and adjacent islands”;
  • In 1979 the “Mainland agricultural census”;
  • In 1989 the “General agricultural census”. For the first time there was an exhaustive listing simultaneously in all regions of the country;
  • In 1999 the “General agricultural census”.




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